specify port number for sftp

I need upload some scripts to hostgator hosting /home/[username] directory, then sftp is a good choice here.

But I got following error:

Connecting to port 22 failed

After reading hostgator's documentation, I realized that hostgator hosting's default ssh port is 2222 but not 22. Then I tried:

But same error appeared again.. After searching on google for a while, I got that -oPort=2222 should be placed before username@host


putty for serial port (COM)

In Windows XP HyperTerminal can be used to test serial port connection, But it's not available from Windows Vista. Here we can use open source program Putty to do this job.


Open putty and select "Serial" from left menu




Then select "Session" from left menu, switch Connection Type to "Serial".





Finally click the "Open" button to open the Session Window