MinGW unable to find pkg-config

Recently I need build libewf on Windows, and MinGW is chosen as the compilation tool.

Open MSYS and run autogen.sh in libewf source directory, then following error is appeared

unable to find: pkg-config


I read source code of autogen.sh and realized that it's trying to locate pkg-config at /mingw/bin directory,  Then I checked MinGW installation directory and bin folder, found there is no such pkg-config file. So we need install pkg-config manually.


Install pkg-config

At MinGW Wiki page it introduces two methods to install pkg-config, but using a pre-compiled version is much easier. Here is pre-compiled pkg-config download address from SourceForge. After downloading is completed, extract pkg-config.exe and move it to MinGW/bin directory, retry running autogen.sh we will found this problem is solved