bitcoind get downloaded block count

If you run bitcoind first time, it will cost hours to download the block chain. In this process it won't output useful information such as downloading progress or downloaded block count. So how could we know how much time remaining to finish the downloading?


We can use following command to get downloaded block count:

bitcoind getblockcount


And we can get the latest block number of bitcoin network by visiting this url:

compiling pushpool on ubuntu linux

Download latest source code from github, following is its dependencies:

Library Name Use


Event-driven async I/O


memcached client


POSIX threads


gzip compression



OpenSSL's libcrypto



HTTP client

it contains OpenSSL's libcryptoa file named "" which is generated by autotools


pakcage name mapping for apt-get:

jansson -> libjansson

OpenSSL -> libssl-dev


Start Compiling

First, we need run "" first


If you got following error message, you need install libcurl first error: possibly undefined macro: AC_MSG_ERROR

Following is the command to install libcurl:

apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev


If you run before libcurl-dev and libmysqld-dev is installed, you will get following error in "configure" progress:

You need install libcurl and re-run


And following error will occur in "make" progress:

server.c:106:2: error: #error ("No valid database engines defined")
make[1]: *** [server.o] Error 1

Then you should install libmysqld-dev and re-run


After above error is fixed, we can compile pushpool in "configure -> make -> make install" workflow.