Spring Cloud Zuul Ribbon custom rule not working

I need a custom Rule which can route requests to different service according to weight option (actually I want to deploy an A/B test service and only small percent of user will hit it), the code is like following


And following is application.yml configuration file


Adding breakpoints at constructor of ZoneAwareLoadBalancer and DynamicServerListLoadBalancer, then access the Zuul service via browser and I found ZoneAwareLoadBalancer constructor breakpoint is reached first.

Inspect the value clientConfig->properties->NFLoadBalancerClassName, its value is still "com.netflix.loadbalancer.ZoneAwareLoadBalancer", and the passed in rule is not my configured rule as well.

This means my configuration didn't work.


Even I changed the class name to an invalid value, there is no error


In Spring Cloud documentation, under Customizing the Ribbon Client using properties section, it's saying

Starting with version 1.2.0, Spring Cloud Netflix now supports customizing Ribbon clients using properties to be compatible with the Ribbon documentation.

Checking maven pom file I found it's using 1.1.0


Changing them to 1.2.0 and run again, following exception is thrown


It's because NFLoadBalancerRuleClassName is aaa, changing it to a valid name and try it again, it works now