Shiboken Multiple Include Path on Windows

In shiboken documentation, it's saying the separator of include path should be : (colon)

But on Windows every full path is containing colon (e.g. C:\Windows\cmd), it will mess with the colon separator.

In its source code printUsage() function I found it's actually using a PATH_SPLITTER macro to represent the separator. And under windows it's semicolon..


At past I'm using colon as separator:


And I got lots of error messages like following:

type is specified in typesystem, but not defined

After replacing colon with semicolon, these errors are gone.

PySide PyInstaller Packaging

when using pyinstaller to package the pyside application with sqlite dependency, it doesn't copy sqldrivers to destination folder (qt4_plugins). When run the application, I will get error message complaining about SQLite driver is not found.

I need copy them to qt4_plugins directory from Qt directory

My solution is wrting a separate script to copy the sqldrivers files to executable directory after packaging.

But there should be a better method by configuring PyInstaller?