compiling pushpool on ubuntu linux

Download latest source code from github, following is its dependencies:

Library Name Use


Event-driven async I/O


memcached client


POSIX threads


gzip compression



OpenSSL's libcrypto



HTTP client

it contains OpenSSL's libcryptoa file named "" which is generated by autotools


pakcage name mapping for apt-get:

jansson -> libjansson

OpenSSL -> libssl-dev


Start Compiling

First, we need run "" first


If you got following error message, you need install libcurl first error: possibly undefined macro: AC_MSG_ERROR

Following is the command to install libcurl:

apt-get install libcurl4-gnutls-dev


If you run before libcurl-dev and libmysqld-dev is installed, you will get following error in "configure" progress:

You need install libcurl and re-run


And following error will occur in "make" progress:

server.c:106:2: error: #error ("No valid database engines defined")
make[1]: *** [server.o] Error 1

Then you should install libmysqld-dev and re-run


After above error is fixed, we can compile pushpool in "configure -> make -> make install" workflow.



Umbraco Admin URL

After installing Umbraco following Installation Tutorial on official website, I cannot found how to go to the admin panel. And Umbraco installation finish page only asks me to go to front page.

Then I need to ask google. After searching a while, I got that the default admin url is /umbraco, if the website url is, then the admin url is

And this value can be modified in web.config file under appSettings section: